Myths About Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Search engine optimization consultants can be the key to success for your small business. Unfortunately, too many business owners hold certain myths when it comes to search engine optimization consultants and what they can and cannot do. Here is a short list of common misconceptions that typically go along with digital marketing and search engine optimization for businesses.

  1. It’s A Quick Fix. Too many customers assume that after a month they should see results, unfortunately this is not the case. Search engine optimization, when done effectively, typically takes about 3 months to a year, depending on your businesses popularity. The research behind search engine optimization can take awhile to be completed and this is a necessary step in the process. If you want to create a great campaign and even more customers for your business, you need to be willing to wait and you must have faith in your digital marketing consultant.

  2. Content Is Easy. Business owners like to think they can create all of the content necessary for their SEO campaign but that simply is not possible. All content must be unique and have links in it that is sent to your companies website. The writers for your business typically do not understand how content needs to be written to be eligible for SEO. Normally, search engine optimization consultants will write these pieces for your business and build the necessary sites for these articles to be posted on.

  3. Only Google Matters. This is another misconception held by business owners when it comes to search engine optimization. Even though Google is the most used search engine, you need to consider the other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask. You should keep Google as your number one search engine target because they make up 2 trillion of the searches but another 1 trillion goes to the other search engine sites, so do not forget about those guys!

Search engine optimization can be a very difficult task when you are attempting to do it alone. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization consultants and how they can help your business, go to


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